Are we taking care of Mental Fitness?

“Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, 34, found dead at Mumbai home.”

This news came as a shock to the whole nation. The young and bright actor committed suicide at his own residence. Life is fragile and we don’t know what one is going through. We can’t imagine how much he must be suffering in his life, how much pain he was bearing and what was so shattering is that he couldn’t share it with anybody.

Sushant was a young talent, a rising actor. He made his debut with Kai Po Che in 2014 and later starred in films such as PK, Kedarnath, Shuddh Desi Romance and MS Dhoni: The Untold Journey. He was last seen in Netflix’s Drive. He made his acting debut with Zee TV serial Pavitra Rishta.

He garnered applause for almost all his films. MS Dhoni, in which he played the former Indian cricket team captain, was among the most successful film of 2016. He received critical acclaim for his role in Dibakar Banerjee’s 2015 movie, Detective Byomkesh Bakshy.

Sushant as the confused lover boy in Shudh Desi Romance also impressed the audience and proved that he can play the romantic lead with ease. Apart from the mainstream projects, he also worked in films such as Abhishek Chaubey’s Sonchiriya and holds his own against acting stalwarts such as Manoj Bajpayee.

Sushant Singh Rajput was not a gym person. But to keep himself fit, he used to go to the gym. According to him, four day-a-week gym plan helps him burn excessive calories, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes. In short, he was pretty much aware of the importance of physical fitness and if I am not wrong most of us are aware as well.

However, what about Mental Fitness?

Exactly, the mental strength that we must needs to have?

Are we aware of the importance of mental peace?

How did one can end his own precious life?

What drives an otherwise normal & healthy person to take his or her own life?

I am not judging or questioning him. Rather, just pointing it out because Sushant’s suicide is a wakeup call for all of us stating that mental peace, mental fitness is as necessary as physical fitness.

Taking care of mental health or mental peace is obligatory. Neglecting it is a severe form of self-harm, which cannot be explained by ordinary standards of logic or reasons. Whatever, the associated causes, the underlying issue is mental health. But psychological, emotional, & spiritual well-being is not something we pay much attention to even in the best of times.

For sure, we are progressing as a society, but we still lack the openness when it comes to mental health. We tend to neglect thinking saying it’s just a phase & this turns chronic, which leads to complications that could have been treated with the right measures in time. It’s definitely lonely at the top because people who reach there are extremely intelligent & some of them are sensitive too along with them being perfectionists & the combination of both is obviously deadly.

Even there are also a lot of myths attached to mental health that strong people cannot get depressed or if you are a famous personality you can get depressed. Actually, depression is exactly like COVID-19, anyone can get affected by it. Rather, it is the time we all should work on eliminating the shame attached to it. People need to watch out for symptoms in themselves or others for behavioral pattern i.e. not normal.

Symptoms could be sudden emotional outbursts, distributed sleep patterns, sudden change in behavior- such as being withdrawn, over-eating or no urge to eat, not maintaining hygiene, excessive smoking, seeking consolation in excessive drinking etc. There are several ways to strengthen your mind just like the ways, we are focusing or will keep on focusing on our physical fitness.  These activities will not only bring peace to your mind but also show you the positive side of this entangled life.

Always remember – 

“The key in letting go is practice. Each time we let go, we disentangle ourselves from our expectations and begin to experience things as they are.” – Sharon Salzberg