10 ways to achieve mental peace

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

Gone are the days when we did not have awareness of mental illness. However, negligence is the greater sight that is over-powering it more. Everyone is taking good care of physical health, as if there is any physical issue, we don’t mind consulting health professionals or spending money.

Instead of making it a chronic & reached to a deadly stage, just few improvements in daily life activities can strengthen your mind. These activities will not only bring peace to your minds but also show you the positive side of this entangled life.

    1. Meditation –  Do meditation for at least 10 minutes every day and see the difference. You don’t need to spare special time from your busy schedule to perform meditation. Just close your eyes at any place, at any time (morning time is the best), in any position and try to stop all your worldly thoughts coming into your mind. It helps you to develop mental peace and positive attitude towards life.
    2. Don’t sit idle – An idle mind is the devil’s workshop – we all are familiar with this phrase. Then, why to sit idle? Keep on doing something. Try to make yourself busy. It’s not mandatory to be busy in work or profession, rather enjoy your hobbies, play, drawing, spending time with family, reading or it can be anything.It also helps you to develop mental peace and positive attitude towards life.
    3. Express yourself – Drop the ‘Log Kya Kahengey’ approach. Speak yourself out. This reminds me of one of the evergreen song of Kishore Kumar:

       ‘Kuch toh log kahengey

       Logo ka kaam hai kehna

      Chodo bekaar ki baton mein

      Kahin beet na jaaye raina……’

    4. Choose the right person –  Make sure you have at least a single person in your life who you think will stand by you in every situation no matter what is the severity of the situation. That person may be your mother, father, brother, sister or any family member, friend, girlfriend/boyfriend or anyone you think appropriate. The only thing to keep in mind while choosing your closest one is that you can share your heart out with that person without any hesitation.
    5. Take professional help – A counselor is a person who never judges you and gives you the best suited advice. A counselor is a neutral person. If you are unable to find anybody who you think can walk along you as your shadow, opt for a counselor. Be open to your counselor. You will definitely find a way to your problems.
    6. Journal writing – If you couldn’t find your closest mate and too shy to visit a counselor, start writing your own journals. These journals may contain your positive/negative experiences, bad occurrences, fears, bucket list or anything going on in your mind.
    7. Prioritize your physical fitness – “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body” – is another well-known saying. So, before you start thinking of achieving mental fitness, judge yourself for physical fitness. Try to spare sometime to perform yoga every day. Yoga is the best way to keep your body healthy and provides you mental peace.
    8. Stay away from negativity – Try to avoid people with negative thoughts. But, make sure to help them to overcome from their negativity if you can. A person’s thoughts influence another person’s thoughts. That’s why try to be around people with positive mindset. Also, live in a beautiful environment, take care of your hygiene, food, eating habits as these also a very important role in maintaining your state of mind.
    9. Be around your loved ones – Try to live with your family/loved ones. If you cannot live with them, make sure you talk to them every day. This will surely keep your mind calm and as the technology is booming, talking to them through video-conferencing is just like with them in that very moment.
    10. Stay happy always – Do everything that makes you happy. If you feel happy while cooking, enter the kitchen and cook whatever you like. If you feel pleased while painting, paint as much as you want. If you love reading, go for it. Do not worry about the outcomes; just start doing something that makes you happy. Just stay happy in anyway. Understand the difference between staying happy and just smiling/laughing.

With every passing day, we used to hear different news regarding the celebrity’s death through suicide and the current situation has given rise to this even more. The Covid-19 pandemic has already claimed hundreds of lives not just by disease but also by suicide, making it one of the leading causes of non-coronavirus deaths.

The main point to understand is we all deal with various difficulties in our daily life – some are easy to resolve and some are too stressful. Some people decide to opt out, some decide to go through the worst and emerge out as a winner and some decide to quit (which is really unfortunate). It is our mind that helps us to deal with such situations. Thus, we need a healthy mind that can lead us to the best path of life.

We are sure that the above discussion over here will definitely help you in one or the other way. Make sure to let us know your views on this topic (mental peace).